We operate with an agile support model and focus on return on investment.


Our SAP ERP Support business model is innovative because it is financially fairer for the customer, ensuring the lowest cost and total predictability of expenses.

Given the same price and scope as the competition, the ADMS SAP Homine business model reduces support costs by up to 20%.

We deliver better results at a lower cost!

ADMS SAP Home Competition
service charge Fairest: per ticket For hours worked in the resolution of the call
cost to customer Lower cost and guarantee of expense predictability High cost and financially unpredictable
Service Strategic, analytical and more efficient Punctual and less efficient
ADMS consultants Focus on the customer's business and SAP ERP Focus on ERP
Customer relationship Next, with management of routines and follow-up On occasion, to respond to calls
General performance Preventive, highly resolutive, agile and precise Corrective, with less agility and precision


Support labeled

  • The service is billed per resolved call (ticket) and not per hours worked, offering financial predictability to the customer;
  • The monthly volume of tickets or calls (baseline) is scaled according to the customer's profile and needs;
  • There is no additional cost if the ticket volume exceeds the expected monthly cap. The billing process is fairer and guarantees cost reduction

Ongoing baseline optimization

  • We evaluate the baseline of tickets according to demand and company growth, ensuring the efficient and rational use of tickets. It is a more transparent and fair model.

Team performance and service structure

  • The performance of the N1 service level is unique in the market: a team focused on solving the problem while still in reaction time and, if necessary, quickly activating other resolving levels.

business understanding

  • Team “wears the shirt” of the client: we understand the company's business and tax processes, map critical points and anticipate risks;
  • Knowing the company, we respond to risks and problems with more agility and precision.

Governance and management

  • Structured risk and problem management model, with routine actions and service monitoring that maintain a sense of urgency and attention;
  • Goal is zero interruptions in the client's business process.


We were looking for a consultancy to provide SAP support for our systems in Latin America. We found in Homine a partner that understands our complexities. Service management is open and transparent, analyzing tickets and acting on pending issues. All of this contributes to optimizing the hours and so we can make smaller configurations within the support.

Caio Vechiato, Director of Operations and IT LATAM at AgroFresh

With Homine's ADMS, we have the support of a committed and experienced team, which embraces the difficulties together with TIROL, forming a single and strong IT team, acting to solve them with transparency and objectivity. In addition, the commercial model of the service is fairer than that offered by the market, bringing cost savings to our company. All these aspects strengthen the partnership and the progress of the service.

Efraim Galvão, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of TIROL

The dynamism and speed of the market, added to the diversity and constant increase in the complexity of technology scenarios, increased the adherence of companies' technology teams in key areas to meet business requirements. We found in Homine a strong business partner, who understands and responds to our demands very quickly and with a high degree of assertiveness and commitment. This allowed us to scale our business and, in six years of partnership, we increased our contract in a transparent and smooth way, adding new services without having a day's stoppage in our operations.

Franco Anderson do Carmo Souza, Head of Information and Digital Technology at Primetals Brazil

In addition to all the knowledge and experience in supporting SAP ERP, Homine filled a gap in our service regarding proximity to the business areas and key users, assuming as a strong arm in Bombril's technology area. This brought us agility and operational maturity, providing continuous improvement and having a positive impact. In less than a year with the project, we are already evolving the contract to provide improvements and evolutions in SAP parameterizations, as well as other Homine products such as Inbound and Outbound, delivering compliance and productivity to the Bombril operation

Marcos Bertoncelo, Chief Information Officer CIO at Bombril

We hired Homine to support our SAP ERP in early 2021 and, since then, this partnership has been instrumental in reducing our SAP maintenance and support costs. Today, MASTROTTO reached a volume of calls close to zero, which made it possible to renew the support contract at a 50% lower cost

Erivan de Oliveira, IT Coordinator at MASTROTTO Brasil