We have a robust base of technology professionals with the most diverse specializations to meet the needs of your business in allocations in Brazil and in other countries.


Homine is an IT consultancy based in São Paulo. We have been operating for about 20 years with Allocation and Headhunting of technology professionals for national and multinational companies of all sectors and sizes, which rely on our expertise to find the right professionals for their teams and projects.

Discover our services:

Allocation (or Outsourcing)

We seek the professional profiles requested by your company to work in a project or area. Once approved, they are hired by Homine and assigned to work on the client.

Benefits for your company

  • Reduction of the fixed cost of your team
  • Protection against labor claims
  • More flexibility in selection and hiring
  • We manage work permits and replacements, freeing up your team for more strategic activities.

Under Allocation, your company pays Homine for services on a monthly basis, based on the staff allocated to the work.


We recruit the professional you need, according to the profile indicated. Homine evaluates, selects and presents candidates for the position for you to hire.

Benefits for your company

  • High precision, or matching, in choosing the right professional for the job
  • Agile selection, with suggestions of several candidates for the position
  • HR team wastes no time on recruitment

In Headhunting, your company pays Homine a previously agreed amount, and, if the candidate is hired.

Our recruitment and selection process is thorough

candidate mapping

Consulting our talent base and contact networks

Pre selection

Identification of candidates most adherent to the profile


Taking references from candidates in the market (ethics, performance, etc.)


Technical and behavioral assessment of candidates


Interview to check the language level (English and others)

Presentation of candidates to the company

Scheduling of customer interviews

Matching (professional choice)

field manager

Integration and systematic monitoring of allocated professionals


We recruit for all positions and technology platforms:

  • App developers (for iOS and Android), enterprise software (ERP, CRM) and database developers
  • Front-end, back-end and full stack programmers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) analysts and specialists
  • Professionals in the areas of support, security and IT infrastructure
  • project managers
  • Solutions architect
  • Data analysis consultants, cloud integration (Cloud)
  • Consultants for all SAP and Oracle ERP modules
  • CRM Professionals