We update your ERP in a safe and agile migration process.


Our team of SAP specialists perform migrations from the SAP ECC platform to SAP S/4HANA. SAP ECC is supported by SAP until 2027, but the system is already outdated in relation to more modern and intelligent technologies that are essential for competitiveness.

Among the main drivers for migration are:

  • Improved business processes: SAP HANA in-memory database is faster and simpler, eliminates redundancies and processes in batches.
  • Competitive advantage: Machine learning integration automates key business processes, improves performance, and informs your team with real-time intelligence (BI) reports.
  • More results: More than 7,400 companies worldwide have already migrated their systems to SAP S/4HANA, with 300% gains in ROI and double-digit gains in revenue, in addition to increased productivity.

But it is important to take into account that system migrations are complex operations. They require an understanding of the particularities and business processes of each company, in addition to careful and realistic planning.

Homine is a partner of SAP (SAP Silver Partner) and has more than 20 years of experience in ERP implementation, migration and development. We also develop our own solutions that improve the system and automate processes, increasing team productivity and reducing operating costs.


The migration process is similar to an ERP implementation process, as it is necessary to observe the integrations, customizations and parameterizations of the current version and translate them into the operational reality of the new version of the solution.

In processes like these, the experience and technical depth of the partner to be chosen are fundamental to guarantee a migration attentive to critical issues for any business, such as:

  1. The integrity of business data present on the current platform;
  2. A well-orchestrated migration process from the point of view of processes, people and technology so that there is continuity of operation during the migration;
  3. Solution design architected to make the most of the features of the new product without creating excessive customizations that make migration more expensive and/or make maintenance costly.

Homine has the necessary experience and skills to support its customers throughout the migration journey, attending to all steps of this process:

  • Solution blueprint design according to customer needs
  • Planning and business plan for deployment
  • Sale of SAP licenses
  • Localization Brazil and Latin America – adaptation of the ERP to comply with the country's tax laws
  • Creation of interfaces between SAP and legacy systems or with Add-ons
  • Implementation of new modules, improvements, updates and maintenance in SAP ERP
  • Rollout process management
  • ABAP customizations to meet customer particularities
  • On-site and off-site training of consultants in the various SAP ERP modules