This policy applies to Homine mobile devices, website, and in person, where appropriate, at the consultancy facilities located at the company's headquarters, branch or virtual facilities.

We at Homine care about privacy and security. Therefore, we present our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Privacy Policy”), explaining what personal data we collect and how we use them, in line with the criteria and determinations contained in Law 13,709/18 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD and amendments).

The aim of this policy is to guide, clarify and inform, and then collect your consent to do so.

     Please read this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, contact us through our service channels or by email:

1 – What Personal Data do we collect?

     We collect personal data to provide a better journey and experience related to information and contracting our services.

     In some cases, you will directly provide your data through our electronic and physical channels. In others, collection is automatic, while browsing our website or application and, finally, when we obtain information through reliable data.

      For clarification, we list the data we collected below:

1.A – Registration data Email; collected voluntarily provided by the Data Subject

  • Name and surname;
  • Cell phone or landline number;
  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Date of birth;
  • Address;
  • Marital status;
  • Spouse's name
  • Gender;

1.B -Data collected automatically:

  • Device attributes:
  • IP adress:
  • Your device's operating system:
  • Cookies data:
  • Device used to access or connect to digital channels:
  • MAC ID:
  • Network connection type:
  • Your device browser:
  • Services accessed:
  • Geolocation:
  • Interactions carried out (only within the platform):
  • Provider, network, and device performance:

2 – How data is collected automatically. COOKIE POLICY.

2.A – What are Cookies and their purposes

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information, downloaded from your device during your visit to our website, relating to you, your preferences or your equipment.

Cookies can have different purposes, such as enabling your browsing, efficiency, considering your preferences and generally improving the user experience.

2.B – Categories of cookies used on the Homine website

2.B.1 – Strictly necessary

          Essential for website and application navigation, improving the use of their resources and security. This is a technical requirement that does not collect personal data.

2.B.2 – Performance

          Imbued mainly with statistical purposes, aiming to analyze the audiences of websites, applications and improve communication. Data is collected in an aggregated and anonymous way and can be shared with partner companies, such as Google (for more information see

2.B.3 – Features and Preferences

They identify, on our website and application, in an aggregated and anonymous way, user data and interests, in particular, their preferences, improving the effectiveness of navigation, the efficiency of access, interactions, experiences and dissemination of the information exposed.

2.B.4 – Advertising and targeting

          For advertising purposes, they aim to segment and classify the audience, providing a better indication of topics, services and advertisements compatible with their interests on our website.

2.C – Use of third-party cookies

          Within the limits of this policy, third parties, service providers, hired by Homine, will have access to your data, so that the purposes set out above can be achieved, and we can provide our services.

2.D – How to change and block cookies

          The collection of Cookies can be restricted or blocked, if it is of interest to you (on our website or outside it). To do so, activate the help function of your browser, which will contain the necessary measures to do so. If you are unable to do so or have questions, please contact us:

          It is important to clarify that limiting access, depending on its scope, may impact the quality of your browsing on our website.

3 – What do we do with the personal data collected?

We use your personal data in various ways, but mainly to serve you more efficiently. More specifically, we list, without exhausting, the functions we seek:

  • Identify and authenticate;
  • Provide assurance of fraud prevention and security;
  • Improve the use and experience of our services;
  • Feed, in an anonymized manner, statistics, studies, research and surveys relevant to the activities and behavior in the use of our services;
  • Recommend services or features on digital channels;
  • Respond to suggestions, complaints, comments and support queries;
  • Carry out any type of marketing, advertising, commercial prospecting and market research activities;
  • Inform about services, news, features, content, news and other events relevant to maintaining the commercial relationship;

4 – How do we share personal data?

          Due to our commitment to privacy, Homine makes exclusive use of data and does not share it, except in the situations listed below:

  • Providers of programming, IT, accounting, law and consultancy services.
  • Transport or courier companies;
  • Computer system providers; of databases; cloud services; technological and software developers, all with ties to data protection, privacy and confidentiality;
  • Advertising or marketing agencies;
  • Data analysis;
  • Assistance to administrative, judicial and regulatory authorities that, in the exercise of their competence, require information, even if there is no executive or judicial order or summons for this purpose;
  • Protect public interest; the application or administration of justice; the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial or administrative proceeding and/or the resolution of disputes;
  • Comply with any law, regulation, legal provision, order of competent authority;
  • All information mentioned above will be disclosed in accordance with Law 13,709/18, in particular, by the Principles of Purpose and Necessity.

5 – Data Subject Rights

          Homine is faithful and good at complying with the provisions contained in the Law. Because of this, the LGPD (Law 13709/18) is adequate, which in its chapter III, specifically deals with the rights of data subjects, as indicated below :

I – confirmation of the existence of treatment;

II – access to data;

III – correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

IV – anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or processed data that does not comply with the provisions of this Law;

V – data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, observing commercial and industrial secrets;    

VI – deletion of personal data processed with the holder’s consent, except in the cases provided for in art. 16 of this Law;

VII – information on public and private entities with which the controller shared data;

VIII – information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of refusal;

IX – revocation of consent, pursuant to § 5 of art. 8th of this Law.

6 – Security, storage of personal data and how long we keep it

Homine, committed to ensuring the security of data stored in its environments, uses modern storage technology, preventing unauthorized access, use and disclosure, in accordance with best computing practices.

Except for legal obligations, right of defense, or in case of legitimate interest, data will be stored for as long as necessary until the purpose is met.

7 – International transfer of personal data

          Some or all of your personal data may be transferred abroad. For example, without exhausting hypotheses, both because the website information may be stored in a cloud located abroad, and because the provision of services may require the involvement of partners in another country.

          In any case, Homine complies with all legal and security requirements to carry out secure data transfer.

8 – Changes to the Privacy Policy

          Homine reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy. If it does so, it will communicate with users through our channels (message on the website; email and apps). If there is a need for consent, a request will be made accordingly.

9 – Law and Forum

          This policy is governed by Brazilian Law, and legal issues must be dealt with in the São Paulo City Court.

10 – Contact

If you have any questions or requests about the use of personal data or about the Personal Data Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Officer via email:

11 – Consent

          The holder declares that he has been adequately informed about this policy, agreeing to its terms and consenting to the collection of his data for the purposes set out here by clicking “OK”