We automate several business routines that bring return on investment.


Through our innovation vertical, we develop intelligent robots – or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) applications – tailored to the needs of your company, always with the aim of generating reliability, agility and cost reduction for your business.


Our customized robots automate financial, accounting, tax, administrative, legal, customer service, HR routines, among others. All these automations can be integrated into current customer applications such as ERPs (SAP, Oracle, TOTVS, Microsoft Dynamics etc.), CRM, Excel, Google and others.

Types of development:

  • Robotization: we develop robots that perform all types of manual and recurring tasks, already integrated into your IT structure and technology environment.
  • Chatbots: we create robots with Artificial Intelligence that interact with customers and employees, carrying out transactions with agility and precision.
  • Software development: we develop systems, databases or applications that solve your business bottlenecks.

With the robots developed by Homine, jobs that used to consume hours of your team are now done in minutes or seconds! Watch our robot running a financial automation integrated with SAP below:

Watch our robot integrated into a company's chatbot, automatically changing the user's password for an N1 service task: